Good Evening everyon!

I trust all you guys are doing well and writing exceptional prose. This past week I have been tweaking the “inciting incident” in my sci-fi story. I basically want it to be tighter, more engaging for the reader. After all that is who we write for isn’t it? In any case once that is done, and it shouldn’t take to long, then I will get on to writing the other plot points. That is the plan regarding how I will do the first draft outline. I hope to have done in the near future.

I also need to get some children’s stories done. I have been checking the Cheerios Spoonful of Stories site and so far no dice. But when it does go live again I will let you guys know about it as it is a wonderful opportunity for unpublished authors like myself to get their careers started.

I have checking resources for possible submissions as well. (Got to spread my wing and fly you know!) And speaking of flying… I had better fly on to my other writing duties. So until next time… William out!


I have a new idea as well…

This sci-fi story is set in 1880’s Arizona. In a sleepy little town near the Painted Desert. Tom Dempsey looks like an ordinary run of the mill rancher until an attack by alien marauders reveal his true identity. Now Tom and Omega 3 (The group of earth defenders he belongs to) must defend the Earth against an evil alien force set on their destruction.