Hello there people!

It has been a few days since I have posted here so I thought I would let you guys know what has been going on here. I have been creating some character bios for the Sci Fi Novel that I will be writing. I submitted a Horror Short Story to a Writer’s Digest contest named “An Alien is a Boys Best Friend”. I hope that it will do very well.

In order to help my writing, which is to basically get my shit organized, I recently purchased a book by local author Prudy Taylor Board (Got to help my fellow local authors here!) entitled “101 Tips on Writing and Selling Your First Novel” I have to tell that this book is quite good. It has important quick tips on getting organized, getting started, writing and selling your first novel. It also has fill-in the blank sections to help plan and create your novel. I have to say that it is very good indeed.

I also bought Steven Kings latest book “Full Dark, No Stars”. I did this so I can study the way that he writes and study the horror genre in genral. The book is made of four short stories named (in order) 1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension, A good Marriage. There is a bonus short story named “Under the Weather” at the end of the book. Actually come to think of it these stories are probably novella in length. So far I find it to be more vintage Steven King. It is a very good read and I highly suggest the book to all people who love to read horror stories.

Back to the “101 Tips” book, I will be using this book to help organize my efforts to write that Sci fi novel I want to write. I will post here in my blog the goals that I will try to attain, check that, will attain. Now mind you, little things in life can get in the way of attaining goals in the time frame that you set. The important thing is to be flexbile when these things happen. It can be a tough world out there but you already know that.

So with that said my stretch goal date for coming up with my first draft/outline will be on May 26th 2012. Now why that date you may say? Well it is my birthday for one thing and I plan on celebrating with the knowledge that i acheived my goal in getting that first draft/outline done by that time.

Now that is the stretch goal. What my main goal date will be is April 1st. Now then as I said before because of my work schedule (Which is tough, 4 ten hour days!) I have to be flexible about this goal and not get mad or discouraged if I do not make either of these goals. I have to remind myself that even though I have 3 days off per week, I have other chores that need to be tended to like cleaning, running errands, Doctors appts, social engagements and other things in general, like writing this blog for example! LOL! Well you get my point. In any case I will be busy.

I hope that you guys will come along for the ride! I cannot promise you that it will be fun all the time, but I certainly hope that it will be interesting, helpful and imformative! Well until the next time I see you guys, William out.


Today November 16th

Well I am still putting together the quotations that will be in my quotes book. I have also been reading “How to Write a Short Story” written by Jon Vorwald and Ethan Wolfe. This book shows you how to find an idea, creat characters, choose a point of view, create a memorable ending along with many other things. In any case it is a good read if any one wants to learn how to put a short story together. It even has “A Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” written by Ambrose Bierce at the end of the book as an excellent example.

Writing some poetry right now…

I will be submitting the poetry in some contests on the Writersmarket.com website. We will see what happens. I have started a sci fi short story. It is a time travel tale in which once scientist endeavors to save a time travel project that he has worked on for several years from the budget axe. Needless to say he and the whole time travel project crew will get into a lot of trouble. Thing is will they be able to save Project Secondhand? We shall see.