Well this weekend went well…

I went to both the latest Palm Beach County Writer’s group discussion on Feb 1st and my childrens book class on Feb 2nd.
Both went real well. I am currently doing some assigned exercises from class. The writers group meeting went real well as several issues regarding writing were discussed. I hope to continue on with my writing projects as well. I have a sci fi project in mind along with a quotes book and children’s book. It seems like a large amount of work to do but here is a Mark Twain quote on how to break down large tasks.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

Mark Twain American Humorist — Author (1835 -1910)


I got an idea for a sci-fi story….

from the Cowboys and Aliens movie that will be due out on July 29th 2011. More details on that to come. In the meantime I am still organizing the quotes book. In fact I just posted another quote on my blog Cool Quotes Famous Quotes…

Today November 16th

Well I am still putting together the quotations that will be in my quotes book. I have also been reading “How to Write a Short Story” written by Jon Vorwald and Ethan Wolfe. This book shows you how to find an idea, creat characters, choose a point of view, create a memorable ending along with many other things. In any case it is a good read if any one wants to learn how to put a short story together. It even has “A Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” written by Ambrose Bierce at the end of the book as an excellent example.

I am still putting together my

quotations book. I will design the book in a similar fashion to my quotes blog here at WordPress which is Cool Quotes Famous Quotes. I believe I will design the quotes book in 3 different parts. This of course would be Beginning Middle and Ending. The beginning would have things such as Title page, intro page, a little stuff about me, legal info, table of contents, dedication page and then the rest of the first part of the book would be organized into first a major category lets say like Wisdom category and then sub-categories would be Celebrity wisdom quotes, Political people wisdom quotes, Business people wisdom quotes, historical people wisdom quotes and the like. I think this way I am going to organize this book. I have been developing on outline accordingly. I also hope that things will go well with this.