I got an idea for a sci-fi story….

from the Cowboys and Aliens movie that will be due out on July 29th 2011. More details on that to come. In the meantime I am still organizing the quotes book. In fact I just posted another quote on my blog Cool Quotes Famous Quotes…


Today November 16th

Well I am still putting together the quotations that will be in my quotes book. I have also been reading “How to Write a Short Story” written by Jon Vorwald and Ethan Wolfe. This book shows you how to find an idea, creat characters, choose a point of view, create a memorable ending along with many other things. In any case it is a good read if any one wants to learn how to put a short story together. It even has “A Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” written by Ambrose Bierce at the end of the book as an excellent example.

Writing some poetry right now…

I will be submitting the poetry in some contests on the Writersmarket.com website. We will see what happens. I have started a sci fi short story. It is a time travel tale in which once scientist endeavors to save a time travel project that he has worked on for several years from the budget axe. Needless to say he and the whole time travel project crew will get into a lot of trouble. Thing is will they be able to save Project Secondhand? We shall see.

Writing can be fun,

it can be challenging and certainly frustrating at times. I find it to be most rewarding when things go well. When things do not go well I use some good apps on my Ipod touch to get the creative juices flowing. I also come to my wordpress blogs for the same reason. I also read “How to Create Fictional Characters” by Patricia Gilliam. I find her book to be quite helpful regarding character creation. The book causes you to raise a lot of questions about your character. For example you could ask questions about the character’s body type (Height, weight, general health, hair and eye color, any deformaties, mental health, background, mannerisms).

You could ask how the character reacts to certain situations, is he or she a leader or follower, does the character have friends or a just a few good friends, does the character trust people easily or not, does the character have siblings and if so how does the character act with them. The character could have either good biological parents or bad adoptive parents and vica versa. You could see the effect of that on the character. In any case a lot of questions would have to be asked of the character before a complete character make up is completed.