I have been pretty busy…

as of late. But I am still reading about how to put together a possible novel and also putting together my quotes book. I have been going through my mind on how to put together that book (quotes book) along with naming it. So far it is fun trying to put this together. I do believe that I will organize the book in very similar fashion to my wordpress blog Cool Quotes Famous Quotes . I will try to organize the book into 3 distinct parts (Beginning, Middle and End). Now I am still formulating what each part will contain. I think I will have some version like this. My main idea is this… and this is by no means definative… but in the first section of part of the book I will have quotes of life from various different people from all walks of life… The second section or part two of the book will have celebrity quotes on life… The third section or third part of the book will have funny life quotes. Those quotes will come from all different types of people from all walks of life. So that so far is my idea for the quotes book. Please feel free to comment if you would like.

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