I am still putting together my

quotations book. I will design the book in a similar fashion to my quotes blog here at WordPress which is Cool Quotes Famous Quotes. I believe I will design the quotes book in 3 different parts. This of course would be Beginning Middle and Ending. The beginning would have things such as Title page, intro page, a little stuff about me, legal info, table of contents, dedication page and then the rest of the first part of the book would be organized into first a major category lets say like Wisdom category and then sub-categories would be Celebrity wisdom quotes, Political people wisdom quotes, Business people wisdom quotes, historical people wisdom quotes and the like. I think this way I am going to organize this book. I have been developing on outline accordingly. I also hope that things will go well with this.


Been reading Lee Child’s….

WORTH DYING FOR. It is a very good suspense thriller so far. Jack Reacher is one tough hombre. I am reading this book not only for the enjoyment but to get an idea of the writing style of Lee Child. Maybe I can incorporate some of his writing style into my own. I am actually taking notes on how he put together the plot, and how he created the supporting characters, and how he created the setting. It is an interesting work. Here is a link to Lee Childs site. There you can find out all the latest news regarding the author.

I have been pretty busy…

as of late. But I am still reading about how to put together a possible novel and also putting together my quotes book. I have been going through my mind on how to put together that book (quotes book) along with naming it. So far it is fun trying to put this together. I do believe that I will organize the book in very similar fashion to my wordpress blog Cool Quotes Famous Quotes . I will try to organize the book into 3 distinct parts (Beginning, Middle and End). Now I am still formulating what each part will contain. I think I will have some version like this. My main idea is this… and this is by no means definative… but in the first section of part of the book I will have quotes of life from various different people from all walks of life… The second section or part two of the book will have celebrity quotes on life… The third section or third part of the book will have funny life quotes. Those quotes will come from all different types of people from all walks of life. So that so far is my idea for the quotes book. Please feel free to comment if you would like.

I recieved…

a book proposal from Protectivehands.com. I will be looking it over while I have some time. It may be a while. As I have some engagements that need to be taken care of plus I need to consider some  other things financially speaking before all is said and done. I would like to thank Protectivehands for their professionalism and patience with me especially after some mistakes I made.

Bought two new books…

“The Nighttime Novelist” by Joseph Bates and “Fill in the Blank Plotting” by Linda George. The first helps any future potential author from idea creating to proof reading of manuscript. The second book by Linda George is a guide to outling your novel. Both are quite good.